Boot Camp

BootCamp is a program organise in conjuction with the other modeling agencies and managers as well as other related stakeholders aimed at training young individuals in areas relating to marketing communication - Modeling, Advertising and the likes. It is also designed to touch other aspects of life with the focus of making participants well rounded and grounded for any sphere of life.  It serves as a launchpad for aspiring models and other industry enthusiasts.
The BootCamp is a unique opportunity for Models to build an understanding in this field and find out career paths. A comprehensive, extensive and intensive crash modeling training program, designed to give modeling clear insight into the industry
Program Highlights:
General: 3 day intensive residential program
Learn: The Program Focuses on Comprehensive Learning and Career Trajectories in Modeling & Leadership.
Engage:Talk with experts, share experience and share ideas. Above all get good guidance and advise.
Experience:  Engagement Opportunities to Work with Client for live assignments, Photographers, Make-up Artist, Subject Experts, and ofcourse, various other models  Focused Group Discussions and Activities to Work on Policy Problems, Case-Studies, Proposals and more.
Connect: Live, Laugh, Learn and Connect with a Diverse models and industry stakeholders, People Passionate about Making a Difference in the modeling world.
A key element of the BootCamp is the focus on career trajectories in the making of a model, in the line of fashion and commercials.