It is a specific objective of the Members of the Association to ensure that high ethical and business standards are maintained, and to be more concise:
• Every Member or its employees or any of its Agents shall refrain from being a party to, or condoning, any illegal activities such as fraud, theft, non–observance of work permit conditions and any other activity which will be detrimental to the perception of the Industry by clients.
• Every Member will be vigilant and ensure the maintenance of proper and respectful relations between the Association and other Associations, Government Departments, Local Authorities, or any other Bodies which impact upon the interests of its Members.
• Save for that which is recorded in the Minutes of the meeting, all statements during deliberations at a meeting shall be deemed to be statements made in confidence and without prejudice to the rights of the Member.
• No Member or its employees or any of its Agents shall divulge the content of a meeting to any person or party who is not a Member of the Association unless permission has been granted.
• All correspondence and documentation produced by the MAAN office is intended for Members use only.

In general terms we consider that the MAAN Membership code also includes practical commitments such as:
• Members are expected to attend meetings.
• Commit to building Organizational strength.
• Prompt payment of monthly Membership fees and other ad hoc requests for payment as agreed by a majority of the Executive Members.
• To interact with the Association with utmost loyalty, good faith and skill.
• Members must act with intellectual honesty, independently of any outside instruction, obligation or constraint.
• MAAN Members have the right to present their views and to table any information they have which has bearing on matters under discussion at Membership meetings, and conversely must respect the rights of other MAAN Members to act in the same way.
• Internal policies of Agencies can not be dictated by MAAN.
MAAN undoubtedly exists to protect the interest of its Members; but it also exists to protect and further the interests of the Industry as a whole.
MAAN is governed by the Executive Members of the Association.

A MAAN Member should not compete against another MAAN Member by:
• Being disparaging about any other Members operation.
• Circulating harmful rumours about them.
• Approach their Models, Artists, or Talent directly and can thus be construed as poaching (This is not actually needed as member agencies can arrange to work with each others models as a team).
The Members also recognize that unscrupulous or illegal behaviour by any one Agent can have serious implications for the credibility and therefore the sustainability of the entire Industry. In particular, the Industry is vulnerable to perceptions of misconduct in the form of theft and fraud. The responsibility to behave ethically whilst working with minors is of paramount importance.
The Modeling Agencies Association of Nigeria have therefore committed themselves to promote the best standards, practices and qualifying criteria based on International Model / Artist / Talent Agency norms. We uphold this as an example of "Best Practice Management" for Agencies throughout Nigeria.