MAAN Convention is an annual four day full convention format event held every year in Lagos, Nigeria which brings together the World's Top Modelling and Talent Agents, Scouts, Managers and Casting Directors with aspiring models, actors and entertainers for a weekend of education, networking and showcase opportunities through competitions.

At the convention you will meet more Agents and Scouts in 4 days than you would have the opportunity to meet over several years through any other means. MAAN convention is expected to be largest gathering of the World's Top Modelling & Talent Agents, Scouts, Managers and Casting Directors all under one roof within the West African sub region.

MAAN Convention is the most cost effective way to gain the exposure and experience that a new model requires. This is your chance to show your snapshots, portfolio or Talent Headshot & Resume, showcase your potential, ask questions, receive advice on market direction, learn more about what the different individual markets have to offer and gain valuable modelling and acting industry experience. MAAN Convention is affiliated with and endorsed by the World's Top Modelling and Talent Agents, Scouts, Managers and Casting Directors.    

The MAAN Convention mandate is to educate and provide the best venue to launch the National and International careers of potential Models & Talent from regional centers all across Nigeria and west Africa. At MAAN Convention the World's Top Modelling and Talent Agents will have the opportunity to scout and meet potential aspiring models and actors from coast to coast including Lagos, Abuja, Calaber, Port Harcourt, Benin, Ibadan, Abeokuta and beyond. MAAN Convention is the major scouting source in Nigeria for the World's Top Modelling and Talent Agents. For aspiring Models and Talent it is the place where they can be educated, showcased and ultimately, be discovered!

MAAN Convention was established to launch the careers of the best new faces that Nigeria has to offer. MAAN Convention creates the right time and place for new models and talent to be educated, showcased and discovered. The demand for new Models and Talent is continually growing in every major national and international market. For Agents, the method of discovering new models and talent in a country the size of Nigeria is severely limited. The costs for each and every Modelling Agency to scout nationwide and search for potential Models and Talent is both too costly and too time consuming. Aspiring models & actors from small regional centers experience even more of an obstacle as their direct exposure to industry opportunities is greatly reduced. MAAN Convention brings the World's Top Modelling & Talent Agents to YOU!

MAAN convention hold the week before Christmas,  each year.