Modeling Agency Association of Nigeria incorporates Children's, Character, Talent and Creative Agencies in Nigeria. Its Members represent Models, Characters, Children, Talent and Artists appearing in Advertising in all media in Nigeria as well as the International market. It is a voluntary Business Membership Organization; it has influence but not power over the business choices made by its Members. Membership of MAAN brings responsibilities, rights and benefits.

It is recognized that the Model / Talent / Creative Industry in Nigeria is vulnerable to perceptions that are created by poor ethical conduct. Also, before now, Nigerian Agencies and models have had negligible input with regards to issues affecting the industry. Decisions on rate increase and other crucial concerns was concluded without thought to the interest of the models and their agencies who actually creates the “effizzy” and buzz. Whereas the interests of the other sectors in the industry's value chain were well represented by their respective associations.
The association was set up as an avenue to unite Nigerian modeling agencies as well as models, and bringing together a group of expertise to seek and pursue assignments for the participating models in the organization. Reducing the degree of fraud perpetuated against Nigeria Models and/or modeling agencies by various parties. Also Nigeria models possess hidden potentials and majority do not have the opportunity to finally make it to lime-light due to politics, lack of connection, sponsorship and/or other challenges unknown in the modeling industry. MAAN is here to lift the load off the shoulders of Modeling agencies and their models by simply setting standards that will enhance member agencies and their attendent models ensuring good conduct and trainings for both modeling agency owners and their models with a focus on healthy living and personality improvement. 
The Association is an independent nationwide co-operative association facilitating the networking of  modelling agencies, models and clients open to every Nigerian model or agency. 
We aim to ensure that the Members of MAAN are operating optimally, therefore providing the best possible partnership for Nigerian and International clients. We believe that this will ensure the long – term growth and sustainability of the Industry.