We expect by 2023 that the member agencies of the MAAN will represent approximately 90% of the model business in the Nigeria. MAAN strives to maintain the highest quality of service for its members, both through strict adherence to its Terms & Conditions and through the continued refinement of industry best practice.
Membership is open to both modeling agencies and models (freelancers or agent backed)

Education Committee will work directly with agencies and models to provide training programmes for models and agencies owners and these would include the underlisted:
1. Agency Administration – How to Run a Modeling Agency.
2. Financial Management (Billing and Credit Control System).
3. Legal Matters on Advertising/Corporate Affairs

(a) Participate in the MAAN conventions
(b) To use the MAAN Code and Logo (with appropriate approvals).

The agency applying for MAAN Membership must be a Business entity registered to operate in Nigeria by Corporate Affairs Office, using the MAAN Solicitor. The Office location of an agency applying for MAAN Membership must be able to earn respect for the profession and be easily accessible.

The model applying for MAAN membership may either be unmanaged/new (but with clear intent of working with an agency for the purpose of professioanlism) or under an existing MAAN agency.

Note: Models under a registered MAAN Agency automatically gets every benefits of MAAN.