MAAN open to Legitimate serious-minded Modeling Agency

The recent meeting of the member agencies of the Modeling Agencies Association of Nigeria MAAN at the conference room of the Sweet Life Homes and Resort, Lekki, Lagos saw the coming together of various agency heads from within and Outside of Lagos for the Annual General Meeting.

The consensus by all modeling agency managers present was that the association be made open to as many as would want to be part of the association but with a focus on building integrity as well as professionalism within the industry. It was made clear that the benefits of being part of the association could not be over emphasizes as it is an umbrella association provided training and exposure to the various agencies as well as their models and also giving clients a great measure of confidence as to the fact that they are working with professionals in the industry.

It was also decided that the planned boot camp, awards and trainings be brought under the convention to maintain effectiveness.

Agency registration to the Association remains N20,000 and annual subscription/dues remain N20,000 yearly.  Models attending the convention on their own and not under a member agency will be expected to make a payment of N10,000. While models under member agency should liaise with their various agency heads. 

It was also decided that a list of member agency be written and circulated to stake-holders and their attendant members – ADVAN, AAAN, FADAN and the likes . This was agreed to be sent out by July 2014 to be a guide to them.