Working with a MAAN Agency

Your agency is one of your most important partners and great care should be taken in the selection. MAAN has put this together to guide you through this time consuming process, and help you do it professionally.

Deciding the type of Agency you need
It is vitally important that you establish a human relationship with Agency people – a partnership. You will get more and better ideas if you do.


Weighing up an Agency’s character
Think about both the character, and the functional delivery of the Agency.


Different character attributes includes
* Aggressive, considerated, proud, reactive, innovative, stable, exciting, loud, conservative, youthful, fun, modern, traditional, established.


Different functional attributes include
* Strategic strength, tactical speed, creative flair, media competence, production know-how, through-the-line ability, technical accuracy, financial acumen, international/regional network.


Researching the Market
Call for a portfolios of agencies models
Sift through and shortlist about five.
Contact as many as you want. Meet the people.
Ask about depth of resource.


Pricing Guide for Corporate firms
• Press advert & Internet-from N250,000.00(two hundred and fifty thousand naira )
• T.v commercial- from N300,000.00 (Three hundred thousand naira)
• Billboard – from N250,000.00 (two hundred and fifty thousand naira )
• Professional Event Hostesses- from N20,000.00 (Twenty thousand naira)
• VOICE OVER- from N15,000.00 (fifteen thousand naira)

• Fashion events and shows - from N80,000.00 (Eighty thousand naira)

The above pricing is to act as a guide giving a range of what to expect. It is in your interest to work with a MAAN agency for reasons of professionalism and accountability